I put together some old work that I thought Ruchi would be interested in and took a very sketchy taxi across town to meet her. The tuk-tuk / three-wheeler cab / rickshaw (whatever you call them) took me to some random area in Colombo – a side street on another side street. She was great and had some quite interesting projects: Mainly high-end residential stuff, this is for money and easy to photograph. So I sent her an estimate and hope she goes with it and gets back to me tomorrow. If this is the case I’m shooting my first work in Sri Lanka on Monday.

Also another contact that I tapped up – the brother a friend of mine is shooting a film out here and it looks as though they need some location still shots to be taken before their arrival in May. These would be sent to LA and then some potential commissioned work for the actual film itself. So I might have to escape to India for a week (which was the idea any way) to renew my visa.

A few more visits to the Lion Pub in left me full of drink and spicy chicken…