The last few days have all been about the architecture exhibition 2010 in the impressive BMICH exhibition centre. I went there on the 17th, the opening day, and it was basically a  building site. with lots of very hot people running about putting up the pieces of work.

I decided to go for the Colombian drug lord look as I thought it might give me an edge. This consisted of a baby blue shirt (bad choice considering they hadn’t turned on the a/c in the BMICH (I was dripping, but this added to the look!), linen trousers, swept and greased back hair with the white Ray Bans, of course!

Enough about my styling!  It didn’t open for a while, so I hung about for a bit perspiring, and then ditched the idea and thought I’d try and go for an evening surf. The wind drops in the late afternoon/evening and being west facing, the beach has a great sunset. So I trekked down to the station to catch the next train. It seems a lot further carrying a surfboard!

The ticket chap said the next train was in 2hrs 45min, and he seemed to think this was no time at all to wait… He also brought to my attention that the return train left 30min after arrival, so it all seemed very pointless. I ditched  that idea too and had to make the even harder walk back.

I think this must be some kind of record: I took 5 shouwers today. I found the best internet cafe that had a/c, served drinks and had broadband rather then dial-up. I managed to upload some pics to Facebook and on my way home the chap at the Lion pub tried to beckon me in, but I thought better of it and headed for bed.

Hopefully the exhibition will bear some fruit with the contacts in the morning.