…. I saw this Beetle for sale the other day and started to investigate the idea of doing my own transport. My tuk tuk man had been on the hunt for either VW Beetle or a Morris Minor. I don’t actually remember his name, but he’s a really nice hamster type character: small and polite with rodenty features; when he gets behind the wheel, he’s like a weasel with his tail on fire – darting between the buses three times his size and bullying his way to the front of the lights. He’s great! The Morrises used to be used at taxis out here, so they are quite easy to come by. I figure I’d rather get a car for £1000 than pay to rent one at £200 a week. I can just sell it when I leave. It will be so easy I’m sure…

I found this cool red one with green wheels. It looked ace on the internet. We drove for about 45min to this strange back street, which seemed more like a Panama ghetto than a Sri Lankan suburb. The guy selling the car was like the Mexican Sucre from Prison Break – covered in sweat. The car was a bit of a heap. Cheap, but kind of didn’t work. It had a horn, though. The most essential part of a car in SL. Not much else worked really. I took it for a spin and it stalled and kept conking out. All his family came out to see me arrive and tell me what a good car it was. I was not so sure. So I kindly declined thinking it might be more trouble than it’s worth.

On the return to the Tropic Inn, we dropped by a man named Seri, a Canadian/ Sri Lankan. He looked like a wise old professor with an massive amber medallion on. He’s a journalist with a pimping blue beetle! He wanted quite a lot and the hooter didn’t work. The indicator did (well 3 of them) as well as the brakes, so it was a bit better than other one.

I’m going to get the license tomorrow. It’s only £6 a month, so well work the investment. I can’t imagine the bureaucracy involved with it, let alone the insurance, but hopefully worth it to be free to go where I want, whenever I want.

I found out today, after 10 days at my hotel, that the sister hotel has free wireless and serves hot and cold drinks. Unbelievable!! I’ve been traveling up and down the Galle Road trying to get wirless so I can get my emails on the laptop but there was nowhere. I’ve spent about Rs200 a day in stinking internet cafes. I’ve even been charged by the Tropic Inn (the one I’m staying in) to use ther dial up. So now I have full speed and access to everything. Yessss!