I had a meeting arranged for Monday 1st with Ramani Perera, a really great woman who is organising the rebuilding of schools, hospitals and even an ice factory in the north east. She works for Americares Sri Lanka.

She has worked on a hospital in Elpitiya, slightly in land, and I plan to go and photograph it on the 19th. She also gave me the details of other projects that I can chase up. She is forwarding my email to other occasions to help me further the project.

I also met up with MMGS, an architectural practice that have done 28 schools and put me in contact with other NGOs including International Medicare, Goal from Ireland, CESVI from Italy and People In Need from Czech Republic.

The architects have also done some fishing cabins in Wadiya and a market in Kuchchaueli. Samuel the head architect gave me the details of the projects and details of all the NGOs he’s worked with as well as the schools.

A very productive day on the tsunami project side of things. A lot of the places have limited access and I’m not sure that Little Ruby would make it so it might be a case of getting ferry to some of the areas. Very intrepid but really good fun and the places look like they will photograph really well.