The Drive To Trinco

I met up with Petr from People In Need. He was such a helpful man. He old me about a number of projects in Trencomelee (or Trinco), a port city on the east coast of Sri Lanka, about 110 miles northeast of Kandy and 263 from Colombo. Google maps reckon it takes 3hours and 35 minutes. But I know from Petr that it’s at least double that.

The city is built on a peninsula, which divides the inner and outer harbours (the fifth deepest in the world, no less!) It is one of the main centres of Tamil speaking culture on the island. This used to be quite hot bed of trouble with a diverse range of religions: Tamil, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist all coming together. As well as being in the war zone, it was also hit by the tsunami.  There were alot of LTTE activities in the city. Trincomalee was a focal point for relief efforts on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.

My plan is to rent a minivan and drive up on Sunday, leaving at about 5am and heading to Trinco, where I will meet Petr and his team. Once there, People In Need will guide and give me accommodation and car to go the villages to which people have been relocated – The ice factory and the fishing huts. I plan to stay for a week.

Then the plan is to go north to Irakkandy where there are some fishing cabins done by MMGS architects and then move down the coast and go to some of the schools they have also done. They are in Sainthanmamttia, Al Jala School and to Kalmunai, Raualul Jennah School.

There is also some interesting housing in Kalmunai and Poruril in Ampara, south of Trinco. I plan to go down to Argam Bay cut in round Yala national park and back on to the coast making my west to Elpitiya for the 19th to meet Ranjith from AmeriCares.

I’ve also recruited Dan the American for the road trip up to Trinco. He’ll stay up there for 3 days then head back to India.