The new car Tony-rent-a-car had given me is really quite good, it goes fast then the stereo that works. Typically there is light on the dashboard saying check engine but I’ve been assured that this is nothing to worry about!

And the tyres are a bit baled! And I’ve already had a puncture.

Any way I made it to the base and I was told buy the general that no one must know about these photos. (although that has some how changed quite bit since retuning and it has been published)

And I had to jump in lake to take the last shot extreme.

I’m back in Polonnatuwa for the night and going to hit the road at 5am to finally get to elephant point to see if there is some surf. I’ve not been on the internet for over a week now so I got Greg to check the Arugam bay report and I hope it peels round a bit and gives me a morning surf before I find out about the new projects to shot on that bit feather up.